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Rajiv Iyer
River Optical Solutions Inc.
660 Coldstream Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 2H9
+1 613 795 5899


River Optical Solutions Inc. provides engineering consulting services for optical/photonic system design, tolerance analysis, troubleshooting, characterization, alignment stations, etc. for R&D and NPI programs in various industries including optical communications and consumer electronics.

  • 23+ years of optics/photonics experience, including 16+ years in industry.
  • 5+ years of supervising technical design and NPI teams.
  • Expertise in optical tolerance analysis for yield predictions/improvement.
  • 12 U.S. patents/applications, 28 accepted papers (journal + conference).
  • Recipient of CCPE National Award, NSERC CGS and PGS-A, and Canada Scholarship.
  • Member of OSA for 19 years, IEEE for 15 years, PEO for 15 years.