149 avenue du Maine
75014 Paris

Phone: +33 6 75 78 56 13

IRIDESCENCE provides scientific and technical engineering consulting services in optics and photonics.
IRIDESCENCE can help you, with technical support, in the different steps of your product development: Initial design, design validation, tolerances, and advanced simulated results.

We provide realistic solutions and support to bring your product to market. We are a team of engineers specialized in optical design from the Institut of Optique Graduate School (Supoptique) in France with more than 40 years of experience. We are present in the medical, astrophysics, art, photonics, lighting, and imaging optics fields - among others.

At IRIDESCENCE, we love what we do. Our passion for optics drives us and guarantees the best level of expertise for our customers. We are eager to collaborate with new partners on thrilling projects. We enjoy diversity and are always motivated to work on new projects with people from different backgrounds.

In many devices, optics is poorly understood, rules of thumb and habits drive decision making. With IRIDESCENCE, we want to help you to choose the best solution for your needs. Between LEDs, free-form optics, and molded optics, technology is rapidly changing.
  • Optimizing your design and looking for new solutions will be the most efficient method of achieving better performance with your product.
  • Tolerancing for as-built performance with state of art tolerances in relation to worldwide manufacturers capabilities.
  • Analysing the design for nominal design, as-built design, thermal, ghost imaging, stray-light, etc... is critical for anticipating as-built performance and reducing iterations for time to market.


We aim to help people and provide them with solutions for their optical devices.