Italy - ODC - Giorgio Barazza

ODC – Studio di progettazione ottica di G. Barazza
Via San Floriano, 9 
Sacile (PN) Italy 

Phone: +39 338 6732 840
Fax: +39 0434 780 491

O.D.C. by Dr. Giorgio Barazza is a consultancy firm, located in Northern Italy, qualified in optical, mechanical and thermal design. We work for the medical, industrial and security fields as well as for general lighting. Our imaging projects include lenses for endoscopy, projection, factory automation and surveillance; as for the illumination systems, we design scyalitic lamps, floodlights, streetlight lamps, stage-lights, down-lights and complete optical engines for projection. We have well-established experience in DLP application, LCD backlighting, and LED usage for indoor/outdoor applications. Thanks to our competences in mechanical/optical design, thermal management and colorimetry we can provide customers with specific or integrated solutions, up to complete turn-key products selecting from our network of contacts the best manufacturer for the specific application.