Japan - Light for Wave Corporation - Dr. Tsunetoshi Sugiyama

Light for Wave Corporation
2-6-21 Matsugaoka, Hatoyama, Hiki, Saitama 350-0313
Phone: 049-296-0982

Sugiyama-san says:

  • Business capability for communication and coordination skills in both Japanese and English.
  • Experience for state-of-the-art optical, optoelectronics, and electronic related technologies, materials, and prototyping (optics, electro optics, etc.,) and skill for more than 25 years.
  • Design skill for optics system with ZEMAX.
  • Mechanical design skill with AutoCAD, and Solid Works.
  • Experience in chemical materials including transparent plastics for optical applications with an injection moldings.

Light for Wave Corporation (LFW) is unique company which can meet the exact solutions of customer needs in the fieldof not only optical but also mechanical technology. LFW offer a wide range of innovative solutions extending across the optical engineering technologies, which are from Optomechanical design to technology development, and the prototyping.