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Argyle Optics, LLC
50 Knollwood Road
Milford CT, 06460

Phone: (203) 451-3320
Email: info@argyle-optics.com
Website: www.argyle-optics.com

Eric Says: Argyle Optics offers expert design and analysis services using thorough knowledge of optical physics, design principles and the careful understanding of each clients particular needs. Eric Stanley, Principal,  has over 12 years of practical experience in optics and lens system design. Eric has designed optical systems for the aerospace, defense, and medical device industries.

Argyle Optics provides lens design and optical engineering consulting services. We can analyze your existing systems to find improvements in performance, manufacturability and cost. For new designs, we will work with you to determine the design requirements and the best approach based on feasibility, timeline and budget. During the design process, we will work closely with your mechanical, electronic and software engineers to ensure fit and function.
A design that meets requirements can be communicated to the customer via Zemax files, optical system drawings and as much or as little documentation as required. We at Argyle Optics are familiar with the traceability and design history requirements necessary for military, aerospace and medical device industries.

Argyle Optics provides support in developing and performing optical and imaging acceptance tests. Whether it is testing to specifications on a new design, evaluating and quantifying the optical performance of existing systems of products or using optical methods to measure or observe a system, Argyle Optics can advise on the equipment and technologies required to meet your needs.