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Kessler Optics & Photonics Solutions, Ltd. 
20 North Country Club Drive 
Rochester. NY 14618 
Phone:  (585) 249-0441
Fax: (585) 249-0442

Dave says:  I am a senior optical physicist and designer with extensive experience in research and development in the area of advanced optical systems. I have a record of 76 US patents and 24 published papers plus significant number of foreign patents and presentations at professional meetings. I had a 24-year career at Kodak where I worked on highly innovative and successful imaging systems, cameras, scanners, flying spot laser printers, laser thermal printers, LCD and OLED displays, projection systems, ophthalmic and optical dental systems etc. In 2006 I founded Kessler Optics & Photonics Solutions, Ltd., to provide solutions and consulting services in the areas of optical systems design and architecture. I am currently working with a number of customers with needs in optical systems and technologies solutions; sequential optical design and non-sequential designs using Zemax.