United States - Optics and Applied Physics - David Keith

8618 SE Petticoat Hill
Vancouver, WA 98664
Cell: 503-780-9552

David says: "I am an independent consultant with expertise in a wide range of applied physics technologies.  I own and maintain my own work environment and tool set, and welcome opportunities for short to medium term projects.
My expertise includes:

  • Optical systems design and analysis, including lens design, illumination system design, physical optics, and optical power coupling;
  • Modeling complex physical systems and processes, including structural analysis, thermal analysis and heat transfer, ac/dc electrical analysis including current spreading and joule heating, and electro and magneto statics. ( I am a COMSOL Certified Consultant.)

For further information, please visit my website. And don't hesitate to contact me if you feel I could be of service. I welcome preliminary inquiries."