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Iphysicist LTD 
28 Nachal Galim St. 
POB 6168 
Kefar Yona 
40300 ISRAEL 
Tel:  +972-54-2582826
Fax: +972-77-7943086 
Sharon says: Iphysicist is a consulting and R&D company covering the following expertise and services: Optical design (refractive, reflective, diffractive, aspheric), Imaging systems design and simulation (IR & visible), Projection and Display technologies, Cell phone cameras and technologies (fixed focus, EDOF, Auto Focus, Zoom, Low F#, Short total track), Complimentary optics and image processing (e.g, EDOF) HMDs and HUDs, General image processing, Opto-mechanical of electro-optical systems, Tolerance analysis, stray light analysis, ghost analysis, Prototyping and manufacturing of electro-optical systems, Optical lab characterization and experiments, Optical fibers and waveguides, Infrared physics (radiometry, thermometry), IR and visible Sensors, Lasers