Spain - Greenlight Solutions, S.L. (GLS) - Ana Manzanares Ph D.

Greenlight Solutions, S.L.
C/ San Bernardo 20-1
28015 Madrid
Tel + 34 655 050 260

Ana says: Greenlight's mission is to serve the community with optical/photonical designs and engineering within the whole electromagnetic spectrum, and give green lights to the projects. The services that Greenlight Solutions typically provide ranges from concept design through prototyping and mass-production, to simply improving existing systems or making modifications to incorporate changing technology. Greenlight also trains its customers and other companies in the use of Zemax optical design software in order to spread the use of the same tools and arrive to a common optical language.  
Greenlight has worked with Zemax since the start-up of the company to design and develop instruments for several applications:

  • Imaging systems, e.g. optical diagnostic systems for nuclear fusion experiments, space spectrometers, optical scanning systems for art museums, disposable laringoscopes, etc.
  • Photonics calculations, e.g. optical design of coupling systems for PET images, optical system for optical tweezers force measurement, illumination optical design for RX equipment, natural sunlight illumination with fiberoptics, high concentration photovoltaic optical systems, etc.

Ana says "I started my career 15 years ago, as optical designer in a defense company, working with other optical design softwares. I had to face a very complicated design and only Zemax was able to give me the adequate analysis tools to reach the best solution and to avoid mistakes. After that, I have been working in my own company and I have been using Zemax as the reliable way for optical/photonical design. Zemax is the common language with most of our customers."