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Entangly AB / Stockholm
Sollentunavägen 63
191 40 Sollentuna

Phone: +46 (0) 70 611 6051
Web: www.entangly.se
Email: info@entangly.se

 Entangly takes several decades of accumulated experience and knowledge of optics and photonics and turns it into value for your business. We provide consulting services for product development and scientific investigations within electro-optical design, lens construction and illumination, camera systems and imaging, photonics and fiber optics, laser systems and safety, and optical metrology.

Quality moves us forward and we always look to exploit cutting edge technology. Together we will help your company create new smart products. Towards this goal we have strong collaboration with leading companies in the Nordics providing industrialisation, prototype construction and series production. As one of our main tools we have many years of experience on a daily basis with optical simulation software such as Zemax OpticStudio.

Our customers are market leaders in their field of business. We have an urge to help companies find and apply the best solutions to any optics related problem. Nevertheless your company is a small startup or a established international enterprice.