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Fundamental Optical Solutions LLC
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Golshan Coleiny is a founder of Fundamental Optical Solutions LLC (FOSs), She is one of the experts modern Optics, Quantum Optics, and Optical Engineering technology with strong strategic abilities in product development from concept to production in many different industries such as Medical Devices, Semiconductor laser Devices, Photonics, LED lighting, Display Technology industry, and fiber optics communication industries.

FOSs with Ms. Coleiny's leadership has exceptional capabilities in diverse field of Optics, and Photonics providing services not only in illumination/Optical designs and modeling but also providing key solutions for metrology of complex optical systems, and product developments.

FOSs works with clients by listening to their requirements to form idea to real concept then to a product or to enhance existing products to next generation with higher qualities as of voice of customers with new specifications to be compatible in Market.

FOSs with multi-disciplinary expertise in Optics, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering assists any client either start-up, mid-size or large corporations to provide fundamental solutions as an integral part of R&D team within time expectation at lower cost.