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Youngshik says: Having been an optical engineer over 15 years, it seems a time to share the knowledge with industry whoever needs optical help.

Zemax has been the most powerful design tool over years and Dr. Yoon has been using Zemax for illumination and imaging optics designs for various application.

For complete system module design, Dr.Yoon goes through both of sequential and non-sequential ray tracings in order to make it sure of satisfactory performance. In doing that, Zemax's many versatile features enable to maximize cross-functionalities with other engineerings, so the system simulations guides into reasonable performance prediction.

Furthermore, teaming up with imaging processing engineers, Dr. Yoon guarantees performance satisfaction not only opto-mechanically but also opto-electronically.

For some special cases where custom data is required, Dr. Yoon can generate a custom macro script, so such desired data can be acquired without any special programming language. Therefore, the prototyped system would not disappoint you at all.